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the golden rule applies here:

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i've been away a few days; well, not away, but away... my stupid flatscreen keeps shorting out. the last one i bought was stolen a couple days after halloween last year (long story), and this one we got used without a warranty, so i'm very frustrated about it.

so anyways, i've just started a design class last week, and already i have a ton of new material. i'm not going to drop it all at once because i'm thinking i should make diagrams for some of them.
this one though, i found interesting, though somewhat predictable: the golden ratio.
in fashion, this roughly translates to 5 parts top, 8 parts bottom.
i remember first being introduced to the golden rectangle in elementary school: we were given a sheet with many different rectangles, and were told to pick the one that we liked the look of best. i remember looking at the sheet, confounded. i mean, they were just rectangles. but then the teacher explained the golden rectangle, and how it was supposedly the most aesthetically pleasing. i didn't really buy it, or get it (or care), at the time.
but in fashion it truly is extremely attractive. i guess it just brought a concrete idea to something that was more intuitive for me. generally speaking, wearing a skirt that is the same length as your shirt doesn't look as good- it seems to shorten and widen. a shorter segment on top pretty much always works better for elongating, but i think the golden ratio is especially pleasing.
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On November 11th, 2006 06:54 pm (UTC), 0wls_do_cry commented:
I would like to hear more about this as it relates to fashion. And diagrams/examples would be great, as I have noticed that there are certain combinations of clothing lengths that look especially pleasing, while others just DO NOT. And I have never been able to "put a finger" on it; I put it to "intuition" and "eye", and like you said, it is definitely something concrete to put to something that felt so intuitive and intangible.

I'm an art student (yeah whoopee) :-) and so aesthetics and the golden rule, and the composition sizing/placement rules are not so foreign. It is amazing when you see a good composition and realize that things fit according to a formula. I'm a bit overly focused on aesthetics sometimes, so it feels like second nature to be conscious of things "fitting".

The math of it is definitely beyond my mind or focus, but there is that "feel". I never thought about it in accordance fashion. I'm now quite excited to have this brought to my attention! :-)
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On November 11th, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC), hatstodisappear replied:
i love math... i am such a left brain-right brain split it's rediculous. so this excited me too. i am definitely going to have to do some diagrams in the future to illustrate this more. i don't think i should use the ones from my teachers notes. i'm thinking about doing a design inspired by this, incorporating the golden ratio into it in different ways. if i do, i will post it.
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