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fashion: the best styles for every body type

fashion: the best styles for every body type
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FlatterFashion is a community for fashion designers, sewers, fashionistas, personal stylists, and style civilians. The point is to stockpile a resource of flattering cuts, colours, and fabrics for every body type. When a good amount of tips are amassed, they will be arranged in a more user-friendly format, most likely a website.

Post if you:
a) Have a tip you'd like to share
b) Have a specific question, whether about your body or a body type in general.

[info]hatstodisappear is a student in fashion school. She created FlatterFashion, because she recognized a need for just such a resource (mainly, by searching for one, and finding nothing but others looking for the same thing). While she has many experienced designers at her fingertips for specific questions, she'd like to create a comprehensive reference online (her computer is up at 3 am, whereas the designers, often, are not).

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